Chain and Belt Bucket Elevators

Our belt and bucket elevators are suitable for lifting bulk materials up to 35mm screen size at temperatures around 200°C.

Belts can be supplied in various grades including food, acid resistant and antistatic. This often makes the belt and bucket elevators more suitable than the chain and bucket elevators. Our bucket elevators are designed to be self-supporting and require lateral support only at 12 to 15m centres.

Pressed steel or plastic material is normally used for the buckets depending on the material to be handled. However stainless steel buckets can be provided where needed. The head pulley is rubber coated for high-capacity elevators. This is not necessary for low capacity elevators. A slatted type return drum is used for sticky materials to prevent build-up of material on the drum. Elevators can be supplied with belt tracking switches, speed sensors and inlet chute overfill indicators.


Food, acids, wet and dry materials, mining & mineral materials, sugar processing materials and more
Cristal Mining, Wilmar, MSF Sugar, Nui Phao Mining, Sibelco Australia, Cement Australia, Green Island Cement, Lime Systems Bulk Storage
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